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Are you searching for some fun with your friends? Do you like spending your time on vacation partying, drinking, having fun and enjoying the beautiful crystal clear waters? Well, if so, Captain boat party is exactly what you are looking for! If it happens to be your birthday, there is no better way to spend it than on a party boat. There, you can swim in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea and party with your friends. 

Here are all the booking steps and information about the fun you will experience on our boat!

What we offer for your birthday party

Birthdays are all about having fun. This is an opportunity to spend the whole day partying with your friends and be splattered with euphoria.

The ship takes off at 14 PM every day. You can attend a pre-party in the Roof 68 bar, just before the take-off. Later, you will check in there and wait for our crew to pick you up and head to the boat. 

When 14 PM ticks, the fun shall begin! The welcoming drinks are already there! You and your friends will first be transported to the Blue Lagoon beach on the Drvenik Veli. There you’ll be free to jump in the beautiful clear sea. The boat also offers the best DJs, whose music should make you feel like you can’t stop dancing. You can submit a playlist a few days before to the DJ who can then incorporate your favorites into their list.

After an hour and a half, the boat will return to Split and you will spend the rest of the time enjoying the beautiful view of the Marjan hill and the Adriatic sea.

Considering that it’s a birthday party, it is recommended to bring your own food, but there are snacks on the boat if you forget. You get drinks at the pre-party and a welcoming shot on the boat. Also, you are allowed to decorate the boat if you want to add a special spark to your special day.

Birthday boat parties are private, so VIP cruising is probably the best option. Up to 30 people are then allowed on the boat, so it is more personal and fun, creating beautiful memories with the closest of friends and family. 

And what’s the best way to end the day full of partying than by, well, partying? At the end of your boat trip, your party boat ticket will give you free entry to the two best nightclubs in Split!

Pricing packages

Clearly state the cost for the boat rental service and what’s included in that cost. Consider having different packages (e.g., basic, deluxe, and premium) to cater to different budgets.

Everything, from number of people to the time of the season when you’re planning on booking your b-day party comes into consideration when creating a price and the best package for your special day!

Booking instructions

When booking is in question there is only one thing to say- the sooner the better. Split has a  pretty popular tourist season in July and August, so it’s recommended to book as much in advance as possible. The boat can be booked for a few days, maybe even weeks. Get your tickets soon and we’ll be celebrating your special day at the Captain’s boat party!



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People Also Ask

The maximum capacity is 140, however, the VIP is perfect for parties up to 30 people.

Yes, you can customize the party and do whatever you want with your party theme. Captain’s boat party can also provide a cake!

Yes, there are security and lifeguards in case of any emergency.

You can bring all drinks besides alcohol. You will receive one free bottle of champagne for every 7 people in your group.

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