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Are you looking for boat parties to create unforgettable memories with your best friends before tying the knot? A boat bachelorette party in Split offers a unique and exciting experience that you and your bride-to-be friends will cherish forever. 

The experience

A boat bachelorette party in Split promises an extraordinary adventure that combines the beauty of the Adriatic Sea with the thrill of celebrating with your closest friends. You’ll board a luxurious yacht or boat, setting the stage for a day filled with laughter, fun, and relaxation.  

 You can lounge on comfortable sun decks, cool off in the azure waters with provided water toys, and enjoy the beauty of the Blue Lagoon and vistas of the breathtaking Dalmatian coastline. You can even catch some rays in spacious tanning areas. Plush sun decks invite you to recline and soak up the sun’s warmth while cool sea breezes brush against your skin.

Enhanced by the expertise of our onboard DJ, your most beloved songs will permeate the atmosphere, igniting an irresistible urge to groove to the rhythm and embrace the joy of the moment. 

Whether you choose to dance the day away with your closest friends, sip champagne on the deck while watching the horizon, or take a dip in the azure waters, this experience caters to all your desires.

It’s a day filled with indulgence, adventure, and relaxation, offering you and your bride-to-be friends an experience like no other. If you’re looking for Croatian islands for parties, Split is the perfect gateway. Celebrate in style as you sail through paradise on your boat bachelorette party.

Services included

To make your boat bachelorette parties in Split truly unforgettable, a comprehensive range of services is included in the package to cater to your every need. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the services that will make your celebration a seamless and joyous experience:

Professional DJ: recognizing that music forms the soul of any remarkable celebration, we offer the services of a skilled DJ who excels in crafting the ideal playlist for your special occasion. With their mastery, rest assured that the melodies you love will permeate the atmosphere, establishing the perfect ambiance for a day of dancing, joy, and festivity. 

Welcome drink and fully stocked bar: whether you’re in the mood for a classic mojito, a fruity piña colada, or a glass of crisp champagne, we offer a special service that adds a touch of sophistication and sets the mood right – the Welcome Drink. Our bartenders will satisfy your beverage desires. They’ll also ensure that your glass is never empty, so you can toast to the bride-to-be and the wonderful day ahead.

10 Bottles of Champagne on the house: to add a touch of sparkle and elegance to your boat party, we provide 10 bottles of champagne on the house. These bubbly delights are perfect for toasts and creating lasting memories as you sail through the beautiful Croatian waters.

Dancers: elevate your boat party with professional dancers who will dazzle you with their captivating moves and vibrant performances. Their presence adds an extra layer of entertainment, ensuring that your celebration is filled with excitement and energy.


Package prices

Our boat can comfortably accommodate up to 140 guests. For smaller groups, you have the option to join our regular party, which offers an exciting and lively atmosphere. However, we also offer an exclusive VIP section that caters to up to 30 people. This private area is cordoned off at the back of the top deck, providing the best space exclusively for your group. Here, you’ll have your dedicated security personnel to ensure your privacy and comfort.

The cost for this VIP experience is €55 per person. For every 7 people in your group, you’ll receive one bottle of champagne. This package is particularly ideal for bachelor and bachelorette parties of up to 30 guests.

Contact/Booking information 

For inquiries and booking information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Contact Information:
– Contact form: you can find our contact form on our website.
– Email address:
– Phone number: +31 6 84323234
– Meeting point: Obala Lazareta 3, 21000, Split



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Our boat can comfortably accommodate up to 140 guests.

Our package price includes a comprehensive range of services designed to make your boat party an exceptional experience. You can expect vibrant decorations that align with your chosen theme, professional dancers to add entertainment and energy, a talented DJ, a welcome drink, etc.

You can bring your food on board and non-alcoholic beverages with you, but we kindly request that you leave alcohol to our bartending service.

We’ve established a designated first-aid station on board and there is a certified lifeguard, trained to swiftly address any emergencies that may arise.

We offer the option to cancel or reschedule your party up to one week before the scheduled date.

In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, we offer the flexibility to reschedule your party for a more suitable date.

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