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In Split, where the Adriatic Sea meets the beautiful coast, there’s a unique wedding experience waiting for adventurous couples: a ceremony on a boat! Picture the clear blue waters as you celebrate your love and the sounds of the sea while saying your vows. 

Combining the natural beauty of Split and its surrounding islands with the intimate setting of a boat offers a memorable and distinct wedding celebration. It’s not just the scenic beauty but the blend of tradition and novelty that makes such a setting stand out. 

Today, Captain’s boat party will be introducing you to the whole next level of once-in-a-lifetime wedding – a boat wedding!

Harmony of love on the waves 

Weddings on a boat carry real magic. Unlike traditional ceremonies, boats offer ever-changing horizons to be observed. As guests gather, there’s an immediate sense of adventure, setting the tone for a unique celebration. The gentle motion of the boat on the water creates tranquility, as if the sea itself is chanting for the love birds starting their life together.

The intimacy of the space encourages closer connections among guests. With the sea surrounding you and your loved ones as you sail into the unknown, the setting sun creating never-seen shades of yellow and pink, the moment of saying “I do” becomes even more magical. This natural lighting transforms ordinary moments into cinematic memories, adding a touch of magic to every photograph.

After spending a week in Split getting ready for the wedding, it’s time to celebrate the big day. You’ll be cruising the Adriatic Sea on a classic Mediterranean-style sailing ship, decorated perfectly for your big day. You can leave the job of decorating it to our staff, but can also organize your own decorator, if your wishes are special. The open bar is also available, so don’t worry, we’ll keep the guests satisfied with drinks!

The sound of gentle waves, paired with soft breeze, creates a natural symphony, enhancing the ambiance without the need for live music during the ceremony. As the boat anchors in a Blue Lagoon beach on Drvenik Veli, the union of two souls feels like a private moment shared with the vastness of the sea. After the rings are exchanged, the real fun begins.

You can call up to 135 people on the boat, so you don’t have to worry about making a small list of guests, as your boats are equipped for big parties. The package comes with a professional DJ ready to blast any kind of music you like and as long as the ship doesn’t anchor on the starting spot!

Party Boat Split, Croatia

Handpicked packages for your perfect boat wedding

If you decide to get married on our boat, all the plans will have the goal of meeting your wishes and needs the best way possible. 

The price for a full package, including the DJ, staff, bar and decorations is €5400, but the price will vary depending on your plans. You can carry your own drinks, decorations and music as you wish, as well as decide at what time you want the ceremony to take place. We’ll do everything to create a day you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives!


If you want to book a boat for your special day, you can easily Contact us via our page. Make sure to note that you’re planning a wedding, and do so early enough. This way you’ll prevent possible unavailable dates and give us enough time to go throug all the details.

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People Also Ask

Maximum number of people you can bring to your boat wedding is 135.

In case of light rain, you’ll be covered by the boat’s roof. If the weather is really bad, don’t worry, a new date will be scheduled shortly.

You can bring your own food and drinks if you like, but Captain’s boat party can also supply it.

Captain’s boat party can decorate the boat, but if you have some specific or complicated  designs in mind, it would be good to hire a decorator.

You can cancel up to one week prior to the wedding day.

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