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Best Nightclubs in Split

Party people, gather ‘round! As Croatia’s second-largest city, Split has much to offer. This town is one of those places that resemble an open-air museum. Its old town is full of exciting sights, and some great beaches and islands are in the immediate vicinity of Split. 

Even though Split is a very cultural and historical town, its lively streets and squares, bars, restaurants and clubs are busy even in the middle of the week. Split definitely qualifies as one of the busiest towns in Croatia, and it appeals to even the pickiest of tourists. 

Due to its location on the Adriatic Sea, Split offers a very popular party option: booking a party boat experience. Spending the whole day partying on a boat will definitely make you admire Split’s party scene even more. So hop on and enjoy the party!

Guide to the Best Nightclubs in Split, Croatia

The vibrancy of city life by day really blossoms at night. As soon as the sun sets and the summer heat becomes a little easier to bear, Split shows its true colours as a real party destination. After a day of leisure and relaxation on the beach, people come to the city centre and the let city take them on a spontaneous stroll through the narrow, stone-covered streets.  

As you make your way through the city centre, you will notice countless coffee and cocktail bars, as well as restaurants and nightclubs. No matter what you prefer, you can choose between a more quiet place hidden behind the ancient wall of dance the night away in one of the clubs along the coast. Here are some of the best options for where to party in Split.

Nightclubs in Split

Clubs in Split that offer the best nightlife

The nightclub in Split always starts on its promenade Riva and continues in one of the pubs or clubs. A very popular nightlife option is the Split pub crawl, especially among young people under 30. Strolling around Split’s pubs and nightclubs, and there are many, is a fun way to discover the city and meet other travellers. You should most definitely try some of the clubs below:

Central Club

Central Club is one of the most popular nightclubs in Split. This eye-catching and glitzy nightclub that is popular with tourists has everything necessary for a party night in Split: two floors with four bars, VIP lounges and an impressive dance floor. The club occasionally hosts concerts of Croatian stars or international DJs and the music ranges from hip hop and club classics to the latest hits from the dance charts.

Central club Split

inBox Bar

This famous bar is located at the ferry port and hosts some of the best parties in the city. The club is very inviting and popular among young tourists and is one of the destinations of the famous Split bar tours.

Bačvice Club

Bačvice Club is, as the name already says, located on Bačvice Beach right by the sea and it offers a spectacular sea view. The music programme at this club is pretty much the same throughout the summer: there is a DJ playing house, R&B and hip-hop music. The dress code is pretty relaxed, beachwear is appropriate and everyone is invited!

Zenta Club

The Zenta Club is located near Firule beach and it is very popular among the locals. It is a two-story nightclub where each floor plays different kinds of music. Usually, the first floor plays house, R&B and hip-hop music, and the second floor is reserved for Croatian music. The club sometimes hosts foam parties, so that’s a great way to stay cool, have fun and enjoy an amazing atmosphere.


This is definitely one of the most popular clubs in Split. In Jazzbina you can experience a real Irish feel with a wide selection of local and imported beers. The music is mainly 90s-oriented, so those nostalgic for old tunes should definitely drop by.


Is Split a party town?

Yes, Split is a real party town! There are plenty of opportunities to party in Split. Numerous discos and nightclubs provide a variety for partygoers. The various locations offer different styles of music to suit the individual taste of each visitor. Pub crawls are also a very popular option for those who would like the true experience of Split’s nightlife.

Is there a party strip in Split?

Most definitely! The fun starts at the Riva promenade, and the narrow streets offer rows of bars and clubs that are stacked next to each other. Nightclubs are mostly open until 5 in the morning, so there is plenty of time to explore your options. So, Split, bring on the night!

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