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Where to party in Split, Croatia

Where to party in Split, Croatia?

We all know how Split is popular because of its pristine beaches, rich historical heritage, and so on. However, not many know where to properly party in Split. Don’t get caught in some of the boring tourist traps, rather let us show you the best side of Split that you can experience in just a week stay in Split.

Partying scene in Split nightclubs

Alright, party people, buckle up because Split’s nightlife is about to take you on a wild ride! When the sun sets, it’s time to hit nightclubs in Split and dance your heart out. 

First up, we’ve got Central Club, and let me tell you, it’s a hot spot that’s always on fire! Nestled right in the heart of the city, this place cranks up the volume with banging beats that’ll have you moving and grooving all night long. 

Now, for something a little different and a whole lot of awesome, make your way to Tropic Club. Picture this: a cave-like atmosphere with music that spans the whole spectrum. Rock, pop, hip-hop, EDM – you name it, they’ve got it. Their party vibes are as unique as the setting, and you can dance until dawn.

But hey, before we dive headfirst into the dance floor, why not kick off your night with some flair at Hemingway Bar? These folks know their cocktails, and they know them well. Sip on some liquid magic while listening to live DJ sets that’ll get your energy pumping. 

Tropic club Split

Wide selection of cocktail bars in Split

Since we’re already talking about cocktails, let’s see which cocktail bar in Split would be the best for you. But if you haven’t already considered Split as your next destination for a cocktail crawl, you’re missing out BIG time! 

Imagine sipping a tantalizing cocktail, crafted with love and local flavors, amidst the centuries-old walls echoing tales of yesteryears. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Split is the place where this dream comes alive every night.

One of the most popular cocktail bars in Split are Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar and Academia Club Ghetto. Their cocktail menu is as vibrant as their ambiance, with bartenders mixing drinks that are both visually captivating and delicious. Think color-changing cocktails and smoky presentations that are sure to impress!

And these are just two of the many cocktail bars in Split. There are many places to get a drink, whether you want to see the sea from a rooftop or find a quiet place in an old cellar. 

Boat party tours you must see

Split isn’t just about the nightlife on land; the city takes its vibrant party scene offshore with an array of boat parties that guarantee an unforgettable experience. This kind of party boat tour lets you dance and celebrate on the gentle waves of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by stunning coastlines and island views.

One definite way to party is to hop on our Captain’s Boat Party! Enjoy our live DJ and start to get your groove on as we head towards the famous Blue Lagoon. Once at the Blue Lagoon, we will anchor the boat and enjoy a 1.5 hour swim stop. Afterwards we will head towards the beautiful Marjan mountain and conclude with the gorgeous sunset trip back along Split’s coastline.

And if you want to join us on this exciting journey, you can book a spot on our boat and then gather at Roof 68 restaurant at 12:30 PM for a pre-party meet-up and check-in. Our crew will then escort you to the boat in time for our 2:00 PM departure.

As the day winds down, we’ll cruise past the picturesque Marjan hill, and upon our 7 PM return to port, your boat ticket grants you complimentary access to Split’s premier Club Vanilla. Just flash your pass at the door and continue partying the night away!  

Another fantastic way to experience Split’s waters is through party island hopping. As you move from one island to another, you not only get to party but also explore the unique beauty of each island. Many tours offer a blend of relaxation, sightseeing, and of course, dancing! 

Picture yourself soaking up the sun on the sandy shores of Hvar, then sipping a cocktail in Vis, and ending the day with a beach party on the famous Golden Horn of Brač. The combination of mesmerizing beaches, local music, and delicious Croatian cuisine makes island hopping a must-do activity for anyone visiting Split. It’s the perfect mix of travel, adventure, and celebration. 

Boat party tours

Nearby beach parties you have to check

Split is surrounded by beautiful beaches, and when the sun sets, many of these beaches transform into pulsating party venues, promising a night of unforgettable fun. Bacvice Beach is perhaps the most famous beach party spot. 

Known for its shallow waters and sandy stretches, Bacvice comes alive at night with bars and beach clubs pumping out tunes until sunrise. It’s also the birthplace of the local game “picigin,” so don’t be surprised to see locals and other tourists partaking in a game before the night’s festivities begin.

Znjan Beach is another place you don’t want to miss. It’s a bit more relaxed compared to Bacvice but equally entertaining, with various bars and cafes lining the shore. With fire dancers and live music performances, the parties here are as mesmerizing as the view of the Adriatic Sea.

Kasjuni Beach has more upscale beach clubs. Think cabanas, cocktail bars, and international DJs spinning tracks as you lounge by the sea. It’s a bit more secluded, providing a perfect blend of exclusivity and energetic vibes. The clubs here often host themed nights, offering a diverse party experience that caters to different tastes.

Make sure to check the event calendars for these beaches, as many host special events and guest DJ nights throughout the summer.


Are there any music festivals in Split?

Yes, Split hosts several music festivals throughout the year, including the most famous Ultra Europe, which features top electronic and EDM artists.

Does Split have a strong scene in electronic music?

Absolutely! Split is a hub for electronic music lovers, with numerous clubs and festivals catering to fans of all sub-genres.

Are there a lot of young people visiting Split?

Split is crowded with young people, especially during the summer months when the city comes alive with parties spanning its every corner.

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