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2 days in Split Croatia

How To Spend 2 Days in Split, Croatia

Nestled along the shimmering Adriatic coast, Split, Croatia’s second-largest city, is a harmonious blend of ancient history and contemporary charm during the day, but it becomes a party city at night. While it’s true that Split offers enough to captivate travelers for weeks, even a brief 2-day sojourn can provide a tantalizing taste of its wonders. Dive in and discover how to experience the magic of Split in just two days.

Day 1: Discovering the ancient city

Start your journey with a visit to the Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient palace, built in the 4th century AD, is the heart of the city. Here, you can wander through its labyrinthine streets, marvel at its well-preserved architecture, and soak in the history of Split.

Next, head to the Riva Promenade. This bustling waterfront is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a coffee, and watch the world go by. From here, you can also get a panoramic view of the harbor and the surrounding islands.

Split ancient city

Day 2: Uncovering Split’s cultural and gastronomic riches

Begin your day at the Split City Museum, where you can delve deeper into the city’s rich history. Afterward, visit the Gallery of Fine Arts, which houses an impressive collection of Croatian art.

For lunch, head to the local markets. Here, you can sample traditional Dalmatian dishes like ‘pasticada’ (a beef stew) or ‘soparnik’ (a spinach pie). Don’t forget to try some fresh seafood, a staple in Split’s cuisine.

In the evening, take a stroll along Bacvice Beach. This sandy beach is a favorite among locals and tourists. You can also indulge in some water sports or simply relax by the shore.

Split gastronomy

Nightlife in Split: End your days with a bang

The heart of Split’s nightlife is the Riva, a bustling promenade lined with bars, cafes, and restaurants. As the evening matures, the tempo of the Riva escalates. Live bands set up on makeshift stages, DJs spin their tracks from the corners of the promenade, and the harmonious blend of different genres creates a symphony that resonates through the streets. The laughter of friends, the clinking of glasses, and the rhythm of footsteps dancing to the beat become the soundtrack of the night.

Venturing deeper into the city, you’ll find a myriad of nightclubs, each with its unique charm and character. Split nightclubs cater to every musical taste. From electronic beats to local Croatian tunes, these clubs ensure that every night owl finds their rhythm. 

Another unique feature of Split’s nightlife is the beach parties. Bacvice Beach, with its golden sands and clear waters, transforms into a dance floor as night falls. Beach bars set up their speakers, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore accompanies the music, creating an unparalleled party experience. Dancing under the stars, with the sea breeze ruffling your hair, is an experience that epitomizes the spirit of Split’s nightlife. So what are you waiting for? Join us and let’s party in Split together!

nightlife in Split

Handy tips for your Split adventure

While its architecture will captivate you, don’t forget to sample the local delicacies. Croatian cuisine is a delightful blend of Mediterranean flavors and Slavic heartiness. In Split, make it a point to try “Peka.” Peka is a method of cooking where meat (often lamb or veal) and vegetables are placed under a bell-shaped dome or ispod čripnje, and then covered with embers and cooked slowly. 

The result is a tender and flavorful dish, with all the juices and flavors melded together. Often, octopus or chicken can also be prepared this way. It’s a true Dalmatian specialty and a culinary experience you shouldn’t miss when in Split. Remember to order it in advance at restaurants, as it takes time to prepare.

Aside from its delicious cuisine, discovering the best time to visit Split can also enhance your experience. Split is beautiful year-round, but its character changes with the seasons. Summers are bustling with tourists, and the sea is invitingly warm. Spring and fall offer milder temperatures and fewer crowds, making it ideal for sightseeing. Winters, though quieter, have a unique charm, but be mindful that some tourist facilities might be closed.

Lastly, always prioritize safety. Split is generally safe for tourists, but like any popular destination, it’s wise to be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye on your belongings and avoid displaying signs of wealth unnecessarily.


Is two days enough in Split?

While two days give you a good glimpse of Split’s highlights, there’s always more to explore. If you have more time, consider taking day trips to nearby islands or towns.

Is there good accommodation in Split?

Absolutely! Split offers a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. It’s recommended to make reservations ahead of time, particularly during the high tourist season.

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