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one-day trips from Split for party lovers

Cool one-day trips from Split for party lovers

Split is a super fun place to party!  But if you want to party even harder, there are amazing one-day party boat trips you can take. These trips go to beautiful places and onboard they have awesome parties. 

And what better way to explore the Croatian coastline than with the Captain’s Party Boat! Captain’s Party Boat will take you on an unforgettable one-day trip from Split to the nearby islands and hidden gems. So let’s take a look at some fun one-day trips from Split.

1. Blue Lagoon boat party

Another famous leisure destination for people loving crazy night parties is none other than the Blue Lagoon boat party on the nearby island from Split. Think about picturesque landscapes, incredible-looking sea, and fabulous waves, and dancing on the sea with famous pop-club DJs.

The Captain’s Party Boat offers a wonderful service which provides an opportunity to swim, snorkel and dance at the same time. It has everything one might need for an excellent boat trip – there is even a bar with chosen alcoholic beverages and a dance floor onboard.

Taking a boat to the Blue Lagoon is fun! You’ll get to see parts of the Adriatic Sea on the way.  The Blue Lagoon itself is awesome for swimming and snorkelling, no matter when you go. But the best part? The awesome party on the boat!

Great music, drinks, and people, this boat party is a perfect combination for a simply amazing day trip from Split. The best thing about the Captain’s Party Boat is that you get to get a glimpse into the Split nightlife

With each ticket you buy, you get a free entrance to one of the Split’s hottest clubs. So when you return from the boat party, you can just continue partying on land.

2. Hvar – The party island 

It is often referred to as the ‘Saint Tropez of Croatia’ and with good reason too. This island is specifically famous for the beauty of the night parties it has to offer and is a place preferred by people from all corners of the globe who love parties.

With a short ferry ride from Split, you can get to Hvar where you can spend your day sightseeing and at night dance the night away at some of the most fabulous clubs in Croatia.

Stroll through its beautiful streets and make your first stop at Hula Hula Beach Bar which becomes vibrant in the afternoon and goes on till sunset.

By evening, visit Carpe Diem Beach, one of the most famous and fun beach clubs. Here, the party is on until dawn with the world’s best DJs, stunning light shows, and an unbeatable atmosphere.

For those looking to make the most of their trip, there are plenty of accommodations available on the island, ranging from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels.

3. Beach Party at Zlatni Rat, Brač Island

One of the most picturesque beaches in Croatia is situated on Brač Island known as Zlatni Rat or the Golden Horn. This beach juts into the Adriatic Sea and its shape transforms with the high tide and wind. It’s not just a good place to take a sun bath; it is also an ideal place for a beach party.

Depart for Brač Island by a short ferry from Split and go directly to Zlatni Rat. Beach activities also increase during the summer, making it a popular destination for beach parties, live bands and music. It is ideal for water activities such as swimming, sunbathing or water sports and when the sun is setting then the party starts.

Zlatni Rat is perfect for young people who love a good beach party with a scenic backdrop. The vibrant energy, great music, and beautiful surroundings make it a top choice for a day trip from Split.

Split is a super fun place to party!  But if you want to party even harder, there are amazing one-day party boat trips you can take. These trips go to beautiful places and onboard they have awesome parties.

4. Nightlife in Split

While the day trips are a blast, don’t forget that Split is a party town in its own right. There are lots of places to go at night, like bars with music and dancing. As soon as the day is over with the partying on the boat, go back to Split to have more fun.

Nightlife in the city is diverse and everyone will find something to their liking without any doubts. There is nothing better than beginning your night at one of the beach bars which are situated along Bacvice Beach.

If you are out at night then it is advisable to head on over to the Old Town which has numerous bars and clubhouses. If you want to enjoy Split to the fullest, then meet the best nightclubs in Split – Kocka and Vanilla Club where the freshest DJs perform and parties are great.

Split is also a place for various events and festivals at the height of the summer season, making it an ideal destination for everyone to party. Electronic music lovers, rock lovers a combination of the two or a blend of different genres of music, there are so many Discos that you can dance to throughout the night. So, find your place to stay and let’s get going!

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