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Best 5 dishes to try in Split

Best 5 dishes to try in Split, Croatia

If you’ve been to anywhere in Croatia, you’ll know that this country has some great food. That’s also the case in Split, Dalmatia where you can taste the Mediterranean lifestyle through traditional dishes and some meals with a modern twist.

Octopus salad

One of the meals you should definitely try is the octopus salad. You can find it in many restaurants that serve seafood. When eating octopus, it’s important to find a place that uses fresh ingredients and the good news is that most of the places in Split do.

This is the perfect summer meal because it’s served cold so it’s really refreshing and you’ll get to taste amazing ingredients such as local olive oil and fresh octopus. Pair it with a glass of Dalmatian wine and you’re in for a treat.


When visiting Split, you can’t skip the traditional pašticada. It’s a thick meat sauce with prunes served with different types of pasta such as gnocchi or “pljukanci”. Anyone who loves a good meat sauce will love it, and there’s a subtle note of wine in it.

For the best pašticada, find a traditional tavern or “konoba”. Some of them have daily menus – they make a large batch of pašticada which is even better than making individual portions. Sometimes, you can find versions without dry prunes, but we suggest you try the real deal – it’s definitely not like any sauce you’ve tasted so far.


Aside from amazing meals, Croatia is full of tasty desserts. One such is fritule – one could compare them to doughnuts but they’re not just that. They’re a festive pastry, traditionally made in the winter time and around Christmas, but you can find them throughout the year in some places or food stands.

Typically, fritule are served with powdered sugar, but you can eat them with Nutella or jam. The original recipe uses dry raisins, but you won’t find that on most of the food stands so you don’t have to worry if you’re not a fan. There’s nothing quite like strolling the city in the wintertime, surrounded by decorations and sharing fritule with your loved ones.


Peka is a broad term, but the essence is in the special way of preparing the food. It’s something between a barbecue and an oven. A large metal or ceramic pot is placed on embers of fire and covered in it – whatever you want to bake is placed inside of it and let to bake for a long time.

Various dishes can be prepared “under” peka but some of the most popular are lamb meat, octopus, goat meat and bread. A lot of restaurants in Split serve lamb and octopus “under peka”, and you can find peka bread in some bakeries and restaurants.

Black risotto

A peculiar dish you can find in Split is the black risotto. It’s got its name from the fact that it’s prepared with squid ink so it has a characteristic black colour. You’ve got to be careful when exploring nightlife after dinner because you’ll most certainly have black teeth.

Black risotto is a classic dinner meal in Dalmatia and it’s one of those dishes you can find prepared in a traditional way or with a modern twist, but whichever you choose, you won’t be sorry.

Guilty-free: Partying your calories off

After a few days of great meals, you might want to burn your calories and what better way there is than partying on a boat in the beautiful Blue Lagoon? This special tour combines parties with international DJs, scenic cruising under the Marjan Hill and swimming in the crystal clear sea. You can get delicious cocktails on deck, as well as cheap and tasty food so you don’t have to worry that you’re missing out.


Do you leave a tip in Croatia?

Yes, it’s custom to leave a tip, but not necessary.

What is Croatia’s main drink?

A lot of people in Croatia drink beer, but also various sorts of wines because of the country’s winemaking tradition.

Is Dalmatian food healthy?

Yes, it’s a part of the Mediterranean diet which is one of the healthiest diets.

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