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5 things young people can do in Split

5 things young people can do in Split

Whether you’re going on a romantic getaway with your partner, or a party vacation with a large group of friends, Split has something for you. As the largest city in Dalmatia, it’s full of content for all generations, but especially young people. There are many cultural and historical sights for those wanting to know the whole story of Split, then there’s beautiful nature ranging from hills to the crystal-clear sea and at last, lively cultural life.

Since young people have a lot of hours in their day, you can plan more activities daily and get to know Split like a local. Discover the city in the morning when the crowds are fewer, drink a coffee at the seaside, then book a boat tour in the Blue Lagoon for the perfect swimming experience, followed by a cocktail in the Diocletian’s Palace and wrap up the day with a night out in an amazing beach bar or club.

Check the local restaurants

One thing you shouldn’t skip in Split is the local restaurants. Dalmatia has some amazing local cuisine including meat, fish, seafood and a lot of vegetables. You’ll have no problem finding an authentic tavern or “konoba”, but there are also some amazing restaurants with a twist. One such is Bokeria, located inside the Diocletian’s Palace so it’s near all the monuments. Here you’ll discover traditional Mediterranean ingredients prepared innovatively.

For simple traditional dishes head to Delisteš and you’ll soon find out why people of this area enjoy their food so much. Some classic meals like roasted goat meat or squid prepared in different ways will keep you coming back for more every day. Another locals’ favourite is Corto Maltese – an aesthetic local restaurant in the centre of town with seasonal offers so you’ll get to try meals characteristic of the particular time of the year with fresh ingredients such as asparagus, mushrooms etc.

If you’re not into trying new food, rest assured because there are some high-quality pizzerias in this town too, such as Bokamorra Pizzaurant & Cocktails or Basta, which is only a few minutes away. In both of these places, you can get brilliant Neapolitan pizza, and Bokamorra is also one of the best cocktail bars in Split.

Experience the local nightlife and bar scene

After a tasty dinner at some places we listed, it’s time to get something to drink. Whether you’re looking for a night out in a club or just drinks with your friends, Split summer nightlife is abundant. There are some great alt bars for cocktails or even craft beers in Split, and the cult classic is Academia Club Ghetto which serves as a bar, club, art galley and many more. It’s dark, unique and artistic with delicious cocktails.

There is also a number of clubs with local music, techno, rock and pop such as Jazzbina, which is often a great spot for a concert. If you want a true clubbing experience, head to Central Club and its iconic dance floor. For some more alternative or underground content, head to Kocka, one of the most famous clubs amongst the younger people. All in all, there are many options for partying in Split – the beach bars being the most popular in summer.

One-day party boat tour to the Blue Lagoon

Even though Split is full of content, there is so much natural beauty around it that it would be a shame not to visit it. This will delight all nature lovers, but those who prefer socializing and parties don’t have to despair, because you can actually get the combination. Captain’s Boat Party is the perfect activity for those wanting to merge hanging out and exploring nature.

You’ll get to swim at the beautiful Blue Lagoon beach on the island of Drvenik Veli, then sail along the Marjan Hill which overlooks Split, all while meeting new people, hanging out with your friends, and dancing to amazing international DJs.

Split sightseeing

Aside from partying, Split is a great place for sightseeing. Because it’s been here since Ancient times, there are historical monuments worth exploring. The most famous part of the town is the Diocletian’s Palace, built in the 3rd century for the Roman emperor Diocletian. A lot of other sights are located in the palace itself, since it’s enormous and includes the inner city centre.

Discover the cellars or “grote” which lie under the palace and are home to many artists selling their work. You can find jewellery, paintings, stonework and much more. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Domnius, and get the all-in-one ticket for the Cathedral, Roman mausoleum, bell tower and treasury.

You don’t have to search far and wide for sights, just take a walk through the centre and you’ll stumble upon beautiful architecture and statues. Once you’re too tired, and in need of luck, head to the statue of Gregory of Nin whose toe is to be rubbed for good luck.

Snap a picture from Marjan’s lookout

Marjan is the beloved hill which overlooks Split and it’s home to a beautiful forest, trails and hikes. Just like the city core, this forest was used even in the 3rd century and served a similar purpose as today – a weekend destination and a place for recreation. 

Its viewpoint is a great photo point so make sure to take some panoramic pictures before going down and heading to the beach. Yes, that’s right – Marjan has some of the best beaches in Split, the Kašjuni beach where you can cool down and reminisce on your amazing vacation in Split so far.


How to get to Split?

Split has its airport so it’s accessible by plane. You can also get to it by car, bus or train from other larger Croatian cities. It’s even got a ferry port.

Is one week enough in Split?

Yes, you can see a lot in one week in Split, and even plan some one-day trips to neighbouring hills, rivers or islands. 

How safe is Split for young people?

Split is really safe for people of any age – it’s a tourist destination, but it doesn’t have as much petty crime as other tourist destinations. 

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