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best area to stay in split

Best areas to stay in Split, Croatia

Selecting an ideal accommodation during your travels can transform a memorable journey.

Your choice won’t just impact your budget. It will also affect the experience itself; factors like proximity to attractions and dining options as well as accessibility will all play a factor.  

What you should consider when picking an area in Split

Prioritising certain factors when planning your visit to Split requires keeping certain considerations in mind before choosing where you stay; here are a few essential things you must keep in mind:

  • Proximity to Attractions: Visitors interested in experiencing the history and culture of a city will likely appreciate staying near Old Town as an ideal spot.
  • Beach Access: For sunbathing and swimming enthusiasts, living near beaches such as Bacvice Beach may provide ideal accommodations. 
  • Nightlife: If experiencing Split nightlife is of interest to you, staying in areas with plenty of bars and clubs might provide ideal accommodations.
  • Budget: Before selecting where you would like to live in Split, carefully evaluate all available housing options as prices can differ considerably between neighborhoods; thus it is necessary to consider your financial requirements before selecting where you wish to reside in this city.
  • Tranquility Vs Activity: Travellers may prefer a quiet retreat while others want an immersive experience. Take time to consider your desired kind of stay before booking any accommodations.
picking an area in Split

Best places in Split to stay

Split has a variety of neighborhoods each with its unique charm. Old Town, Bačvice and Meje are the best places to stay in Split, so let’s see why.

Old Town (Diocletian’s Palace)

Diocletian’s Palace, an ancient UNESCO World Heritage site and focal point of Split’s Old Town is not simply an icon but an integral part of life with shops, cafes and residences situated around its surroundings.

Staying here means being within walking distance of major attractions like Riva Promenade, Saint Domnius Cathedral and Pjaca Square – three incredible destinations right within your grasp.


Bačvice is famous for its sandy beach, one of only a few in Split, providing an ideal spot for families and beach enthusiasts. Additionally, its lively atmosphere boasts numerous cafes, bars and clubs open until late into the night.

Bačvice is located within walking distance of the Old Town, offering the ideal combination of beach relaxation and cultural discovery if you choose to stay here.


Meje is an upscale residential area of Split known for its tranquillity and stunning sea views.

Meje is an ideal destination for city residents seeking an idyllic retreat on Marjan Hill’s slopes, providing easy access to Marjan Forest Park for hiking and cycling adventures.

More affordable areas in the surrounding of Split

While Split itself is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and leisure activities, its surrounding areas offer affordable accommodations that won’t break the bank. 

Just a short drive from Split you can find Stobreč. A picturesque town nestled between the sea and the river Žrnovnica. 

Stobreč offers both affordability and history, boasting remnants of Roman settlements which add charm. Furthermore, affordable accommodation options, beachside relaxation, and cultural exploration make an excellent destination choice.

Another budget-friendly area is Podstrana which is located to the southeast of Split. 

Podstrana is becoming increasingly popular among tourists for its affordable luxury resorts, private villas, and apartment rentals that cater to all budgets. 

budget-friendly area Podstrana

Where to have a good time in Split?

You can have a good time literally anywhere in Split! 

Split’s vibrant nightlife, diverse restaurants, and cultural events mean that there’s always something happening. 

The Riva promenade is the city’s social heart, perfect for evening strolls and trying out different nightclubs with your friends.

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But the fun in Split doesn’t have to stop there. Your party boat ticket is a pass to extend your night of fun at Split’s best nightclub, Club Vanilla. 

Club Vanilla promises to keep the energy of the young people in Split on a high level all night and the dance moves flowing. All you need to do is show your boat party pass to the staff at the entrance, and you’re set for a whole night of dancing and enjoyment.

And if you’re a true partyer you can even explore Split’s numerous clubs and bars, each offering its own unique vibe and musical flavour. So, dive into the party, and let Split show you how to have a good time, Croatian style.


Split is a must-visit destination on the Adriatic coast. It has anything you can wish for. Do you want to visit its Old Town, beaches, or the vibrant nightlife? However, there is one thing you must not forget while in Split. And it is – Split’s food, of course. 

You cannot visit Croatia and not try its delicious local dishes and wines. Only when you are fed, you may continue your journey on the Croatian coast. That’s what our grandmas have been teaching us, right? 

Until then, continue your journey here, and we hope to see you on our Party boat next time you wander off to our region!


What is the best time to visit Split, Croatia?

Late spring through early autumn are generally considered the best times to visit this coastal city and its beaches.

Is it necessary to rent a car in Split?

Renting a car may not be necessary in Split if your stay will focus on city attractions that can be reached on foot or by public transit; however, having access to one may make exploring Dalmatia and nearby attractions at your own pace more feasible.

Are there any day trips or excursions from Split?

Yes, Split is an ideal base for day trips. Popular attractions include Trogir and Krka National Park, as well as Brač, Hvar, and Vis.

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