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Do and Don'ts in Split, Croatia

Do and Don’ts in Split, Croatia

Split stands as another one of Croatia’s coastal jewels, gleaming under the sun and creating many fun activities for young people – a beautiful city like no other. It caters to all interests: for the history buffs and culture connoisseurs, for the foodies seeking divine tastes, and even for the rhythmically inclined souls who find joy in dancing.

The coastline city of Split will give the best out of these travel tips. Here are a few things you must do and the things you must not do when in Split.

The Do’s in Split, Croatia

There’s so much to see and do in Split! If you love parties and the beautiful Croatian coast, you won’t want to miss a captain’s boat party.  It’s a great way to experience both at the same time.  

Of course, Split also offers amazing historical sites and delicious traditional food. Let’s check out  some of the best things to do in Split;

Do Explore Historical Sites

Split is a city full of history, but its old sights are a must-see for any visitor. Everything revolves around the humongous, near-touchable palace of Roman emperor Diocletian. It is like an entire little city constructed by Roman Emperor Diocletian in 300-something AD, and modern-day Split has grown up around it.

Inside the palace, there’s a big open area called the Peristyle with fancy columns all around it. There’s also a grand entrance gate called the Jupiter Gate, with cool carvings. You can’t miss the Cathedral of St. Domnius, a beautiful building built on top of the tomb of Split’s special saint. You can climb the tall tower next to it for amazing views of the city and the water.

But Split has more history to offer than just the palace. You can see the leftover pieces of a Roman temple built for Jupiter, the most important god of the Romans. There’s also a palace from the Middle Ages called Papalić Palace, which has amazing pointy arches and holds a museum filled with old objects found in Split.  Walking around the Old Town is like stepping back in time, with narrow streets made of cobblestones, cute houses, and little squares hidden around every corner.  The whole city feels like a place from a long time ago.

historical sites in Split

Do Enjoy Local Cuisine

Dalmatian food is amazing! It’s like a delicious mix of cooking styles from the Mediterranean area and Central Europe. Split, a city in Dalmatia, has tons of great things to eat like fresh fish caught that same day, yummy pasta dishes, and meats cooked over a fire.

There’s a special way of cooking food in Split called “peka.” It involves putting the food under a special lid that looks like a bell and cooking it slowly over a fire. You can have peka made with all sorts of things, like lamb, octopus, potatoes, and vegetables. Everything gets flavoured by the smoky smell of the fire.

If you are up for something out of the ordinary, check out the “crni rižot.” This is a black risotto that consists of ink which comes from cuttlefish – a species of squid. Since it is black it may look a little odd to one’s sense of taste but trust me, it is delicious!

Among all Split’s attractions, one that deserves a visit is the Dolac Market. It is a food place in a central location of Split where one can find anything related to food. The place is really fun, it is full of life, full of sights, full of smell. Traders offer any items of fresh production, tomatoes that were scorching in the sun or melons that are full of juice, fish and even cheese, which is being produced in Split now. 

It may be possible to wander around and just look at the atmosphere, or even purchase some items to create nice provisions for a picnic, or even to cook a meal at home. That is why before you leave Split, you should definitely take a chance to taste the Croatian wine. 

If you are looking for an alcoholic beverage with your meal, you should order a glass of Pošip or Debit. That way, you can enjoy your food with a drink that’s also local to Split!

Go on the Best Parties in Split 

Split’s nightlife is rather famous and it definitely doesn’t get boring once the sun goes down, especially during the summer. To have an amazing time, try going on a party boat trip. 

These boats usually sail along the beautiful Dalmatian coast, where you can see incredible views of clear blue water and islands. You can drink refreshing drinks and dance all night to upbeat music, all while enjoying the exciting atmosphere. 

Boat Party Croatia is a popular choice, known for its fun themes and activities on the boat. You can check our website to see when the next parties are and what themes we have.

If you prefer clubs, Split has many to choose from, playing all different kinds of music. Head to Bacvice Beach for clubs that are open-air and have amazing views of the Adriatic Sea, or explore the lively nightlife in the Old Town area.

unique party experience

The Don’ts in Split, Croatia

While Split is a generally relaxed and welcoming city, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and respectful visit. Here are some key don’ts to remember:

Don’t Ignore Local Laws and Regulations

As with any destination, it’s important to be respectful of local laws and regulations in Split. So if you are asking yourself “Is Split safe?” The answer is yes! Especially because of its firm laws and regulations. However here are a few things to keep in mind while in Split:

  • Currency: The present currency that is in circulation in Croatia is the Euro. Many establishments take major credit cards but it is always wise to carry some cash with you for the small items, tips and entrance fees. You can exchange your money at banks or in exchange offices located in the city centre, just make sure that you check rates first.
  • Public behaviour: Consumption of alcohol in public places is prohibited in Split. Be polite when in public areas. Also, one should minimize the level of noise, especially at night, to avoid disturbing your neighbours. The old town of Split is populated, therefore it’s unfavourable for loud music or obnoxious behaviour that would irritate the locals.
  • Environmental regulations: One of the values that Croatia holds dear is environmental conservation. Do not throw your trash around and throw it in the bins where they are supposed to be placed. Respect local rules, including no glass on the beach, and no sunbeds outside of the authorized zones.
  • Driving regulations: Before you rent a car, make sure to read about Croatian traffic rules and regulations. Do not drink and drive and always use the seat belt. Remember always to check the speed limit and prohibited parking areas.
  • Historical sites: Many historical sites in Split, like Diocletian’s Palace, have specific rules for visitors. Don’t climb on walls or monuments, and avoid touching or defacing historical artefacts. Follow any posted signage regarding photography restrictions.

Dress Code: Appropriate Attire for Different Settings

While Split is a generally relaxed city, there are some situations where dressing modestly is appreciated. Here’s a quick guide:

  • At religious places: It’s nice to cover your shoulders and knees when visiting churches and such. This shows respect for their religion.
  • Exploring the city or beach: Casual clothes are fine for sightseeing, walking by the water, or relaxing at the beach. Bring comfy shoes for walking on cobblestones.
Appropriate dress code

Smoking Restrictions: Rules and Designated Areas

Croatia has strict smoking regulations in place to protect public health. Smoking is prohibited in most indoor public spaces, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafes
  • Public transportation (buses, trams, ferries)
  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare facilities

Designated smoking areas are usually outdoors and marked with signage. These areas are typically found in outdoor seating areas of restaurants and bars, or in specific zones on beaches. Be mindful of these restrictions and avoid smoking in non-designated areas.

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